If you think you are experiencing acid reflux symptoms, you can see if any of the symptoms you felt includes heartburn, sore throat, reflux of food from your stomach back to your mouth, frequent coughing and asthma or having short breaths.

The above-mentioned are the common symptoms of someone who is having acid reflux. At times, this can cause you to be very uncomfortable and have difficulty in swallowing resulting to lose of appetite.

Heartburn is an acid reflux symptom that occurs after meals. You will feel a burning or hot sensation on your chest. The feeling will go off in a while and if it is serious, it will prolong its stay.

One of the more common symptoms of acid reflux is feeling and tasting the food you just had travelled back wards and up to your mouth. It is almost like vomiting and its known as regurgitation. This scenario sometimes happens to adults and more frequently to infants.

When you experience acid reflux symptoms, the direction the food that is travelling go against your normal eating and swallowing direction. You will have difficulty swallowing as the esophagus is letting food going out of your mouth and the opposite direction of swallowing.

Therefore, it will leave you short in breaths at times. It is common that people have acid reflux and asthma as the same time as asthmatic patients are more prone to getting acid reflux.

Other acid reflux symptoms that people experienced are frequent coughing and sore throat. Gastric disorders due to weak digestive systems also cause acid reflux. Weak digestive systems means that the LES muscle of the esophagus is weak thus unable to keep the acid from the stomach from flowing to it. On rare cases, if you have done an X-Ray and find that you have ulcers on the walls of your esophagus, it is also one of the acid reflux symptoms.

If you experienced any of the above-mentioned acid reflux symptoms and you think you are having acid reflux, you can always check with your doctor before you jump into conclusion.


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