It may be painful to recall the days when you could eat or drink anything you desired without worrying about the consequences. Those days may be long gone for you if you are suffering with the condition called acid reflux. Acid reflux symptom can range from uncomfortable to downright painful.

Many of the foods you have long loved to eat may be on the trigger of acid reflux symptom list. This list may become longer than the foods you can eat. It can be quite upsetting for many when they realize that eating certain foods or drinking certain beverages can bring on painful and discomfiting acid reflux symptom.

Things like fresh squeezed lemonade in the summer may be a thing of the past for you if you suffer from acid reflux. That cold, refreshing beverage that always signified summer may be the very thing that is causing you to suffer from acid reflux symptom. It may pain you to know that mashed potatoes can also cause acid reflux symptom and not just French fries.

There will be many foods that may trigger acid reflux symptom, and it may become well worth the effort to avoid them. You may think that eating that yummy looking piece of pizza will not cause acid reflux symptom, only to suffer later on for your folly.

You can find many over the counter remedies that will address a number of acid reflux symptoms. The most common of acid reflux symptom is heartburn, which can make eating anything on the forbidden list a risk that might not be worth taking.

There will be many delicious treats that will be on your list of foods so to avoid an acid reflux symptom. Your doctor will give you a detailed list of foods you should not eat and you will be aware of what foods can trigger an acid reflux symptom. You will get used to your new eating habits in no time, and be able to enjoy the food that you are allowed to eat; long after the last bite is gone.