by Burt Amadio

How important is heartburn relief during pregnancy? Well, it is very important to all women who are going through this painful condition right now! The burning pain women experience is because of the pressure exerted by the growing uterus on the stomach. In this article, you will learn about eight different methods to have relief from acid reflux during your pregnancy.

Heartburn relief during pregnancy:

1) Make sure you eat smaller food portions. Don't eat a lot at each meal. Eat smaller portions, but make sure to eat more often during the day. If you tend to eat a lot of food at one meal, this will cause stomach pressure on your stomach, which could cause contents to back up.

2) Eat more slowly and chew your food completely. Make sure you completely chew your food, because this will help you in properly digesting the food you eat.

3) Avoid eating spicy foods. Eating foods with a lot of spice in them will contribute to experiencing burning pain and discomfort.

4) Avoid eating fatty and greasy foods. These types of foods also will lead to you having burning pain.

5) Don't drink liquids with your meals. This will cause your stomach to expand and possibly cause stomach contents to back up. Drink fluids in between your meals.

6) Don't drink or eat anything right before going to bed. This will allow your stomach to properly digest food and not have food just lying there in your stomach.

7) Don't wear tight clothing. Make sure you wear loose fitting clothes. Tight clothing will cause undue pressure on your stomach and might cause acidic contents from your stomach to back up into your throat.

8) After eating, don't bend from your waist. This can cause pressure on your stomach and have contents back up into your throat.

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