By Christina Whittingstall

Looking for a diet for acid reflux disease? Are you tired of having acid in your stomach ruining a nice dinner time with your family? Or is the chest pain getting worse? If you are tired of the symptoms and the problem that is cause by this disease, then here is some information that can help you with your problem.

A diet for acid reflux disease can really help with the occurrences of acid reflux and able to decrease the risk of getting heartburn for GERD sufferers. Here are some of the foods that you should avoid:

• Dairy product such milk and cheese
• Grease foods
• Spicy foods
• Caffeinated food and beverages such as chocolate or coffee

It is important when creating a diet for acid reflux disease that these types of food should not be included. A diet that consist foods that help with digestion is a good idea, such as fruits and vegetables. Choosing food that does not have actual acidity in them is a perfect choice for GERD sufferers, which includes foods like banana, apples (not green ones), cabbages, peas, carrots and green beans just to name a few.

A good healthy balance of meat and grains can also be quite helpful as it will help with digestion.

It is important to note that there is no absolute rule when creating a diet for acid reflux disease. You need choose foods that work for you, but also to include the ones that are recommended as well.

Remember, even though a diet for acid reflux disease can really help, you also need to adjust your meal time. For example, it is never good idea to have a meal so close to your bed time, and eating in smaller portions will help in digestion.

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